Vic Ferreira in his studio, in Nova Lima - MG - Brazil, joins in a single canvas all his five daughters and paints his first self portrait.

Vic Ferreira in an art event. Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais - Brazil.

Vic Ferreira among friends in an art event "In Ativa III".


Vic Ferreira, native of Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil and currently a resident of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, is a self-taught artist that, during the 80’s, gradually became known for his new and revolutionary aproach to art. While not a house-hold name, he has considerable experience, gained from the large amount of work he has already produced. His work is an excellent alternative for those who enjoy art, and especially those with a taste for the figurative. 

His slogan is “joining the useful with the pleasing,” and what does that mean? His specialty is transforming simple photographs into fine oil paintings on canvas, while his main passion is painting the human figure, being true to the original photo but with his own style. For those who request the services of Vic Ferreira, this results in having at home, not only that decorative and long-lasting piece of art, but also an eternal and personal remembrance of that figure put on canvas – that child, that elderly gentleman, that house, that special place, those flowers, that little dog, that horse – those details that are intimately special for just the person who requested the work.

This is the joining of the useful with the pleasing, Vic Ferreira’s concept of a perfect union of the usefulness of art with the special function of preserving remembrances and witnessing love. This gives his works a double purpose that have to meet both of his objectives: first, a piece of art to liven the home where others can look and emotionally apreciate, and second, a work that, with your every look, recalls those intimate feelings and memories, permantly witnessed by the figures on your wall. 

Vic Ferreira does not only reproduce in oil any old photograph, but can also fulfill your dream or fantasy creating that actual scene, that in fact does not yet exist as a photo. He himself will make that scene for a picture that will make your fantasy real. 
 Vic Ferreira’s work is varied, from the classic style to modern surrealism, but always with a very personal aspect. That is why he generally works by request, whether it be the human body, or landscape, or animals, or the ocean, or still-life. In his paintings, nothing is by accident. There is always a special detail for that person who requested the work.